My name is Justine and I am just another
queer, spooky blogger and a part
time explorer.
I like to talk about history, writing, coffee,
music, identity, art, passion, goth and other
subcultures that interest me, delicious
food, literature, my life, fashion, mental illness, survival, creepy things, and my cat.
I really never know what to say here.


Artist Chris McMahon buys other people’s landscape paintings at thrift stores and puts monsters in them.

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Embroidered brooches by cOnieco


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Idk what this is but it’s hot af

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“I gave wrong people the right pieces of me.”

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Pulp Fiction (1994).

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Pulp Fiction (1994).

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via trailkit | hat tip mwphotographic Michael says:

The house is 8 feet by 18 feet, which is just about the same footprint as a Chevy Suburban. I don’t know if that makes me feel weird about myself, or makes me feel weird about America. But in either case, there’s that little fact to ruminate on. The house has a kitchen, dining/living room, bathroom, bedroom loft and storage loft. It also has a wood burning stove and a chimney.

We even added a set of jumping shelves for the cats to be able to get up to the loft. They’ve done it many times already, and have made me question my own level of athleticism.

related infographic

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I want this.

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The moment leading up to this kiss. That’s the best part

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